vad betyder Ett

Vad betyder Ett

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Det engelska ordet Ett betyder

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 Option 1
 Resale Value
 Drop Cap
 Different 1
 Adapting Group
 Adopting Points
 Employers Entry
 Of 1
 Opinion 2
 Run Smoothly
 Behind One
 Baking Powder
 Orphans Pension
 Barr 1
 Needles 2
 Base Amount
 Roller Coaster
 Sermon On The Mount
 Inspection Instruments
 Payment Card
 Asked 2
 Asked 2
 B 1
 Car Tax
 Mixed Economy
 Household Goods
 Bomb Mat
 Table Tennis
 Home Loans
 Mortgage Lending
 Estate Administration
 Good One
 Letter Exchanger
 Brilliant 2
 Burning At
 Building Permits
 Building Department
 Byte 1
 Current Account
 Trunk 2
 Better Themselves
 Cellulose Wadding
 Centrally Controlled
 Check In
 Cycle 1
 Sanitary Napkin
 Powder Room
 Its Better
 Depth 1
 Forest Service
 Tug Of War
 Just Over
 Just Over
 Slams To
 Then 1
 In That Respect
 2 Dead
 Post 2
 Euro Coin
 F D
 Trade Press
 Fan 2
 Error 3
 Error 3
 File 4
 Classy 1
 Classy 2
 Flight Attendant
 The Liberal Party
 Form 2
 Fox Terrier
 He Suggests
 1 Salient
 Prominent 2
 Date Of Birth
 Improvement Loans
 Before Standing
 Before Hovering
 Getting Engaged
 Preschool Age
 Disappearance 1
 Disappearance 2
 Insurance Statements
 Go 1
 Golf 2
 Tomb 2
 Firmly Rooted
 Is 2
 Level 3
 People With Disabilities
 Maternity Allowance
 Honor Words
 Home 2
 Home Economics
 1 Hit
 Audit Scheme
 Landing Net
 In This Respect
 Pony Tail
 High 1
 High 1
 Hay Fever
 ID Card
 From 1
 Immigrant Institute
 Civil War
 Internal 1
 Letters To The Editor
 Immigration Board
 Jack 2
 Jumbo Jet
 Cold 2
 Cold Sweat
 Radio Cassette
 High 1
 1 Knot
 Crumple Together
 Snaps 2
 Collective Connection
 Come Over
 City Council
 Company 2
 Figure Skating
 Cash Labor
 Control Mark
 House Of Cards
 Armed Forces
 Feel Better The
 Machine Gun
 Fourth 1
 Purchase Agreement
 Purchase Contract
 Run 1
 Chorus 3
 Driving Over
 Driver License
 Team 1
 Reserved Portion
 Punch 1
 National Mourning
 County Council
 Point 4
 Point 4
 Resulted 3
 Liver 1
 Light Years
 Local Radio
 Local Call
 Lot 2
 Been Drawn
 Lottery Ticket
 Handset 1
 Lye 2
 Low 1
 Low 2
 Hire Purchase
 Put Down
 Drug Cards
 At 1
 At 2
 County Board Of Education
 Teach One
 Teaches Two
 Easy One
 Population Register
 Matt 1
 Between Lands
 Between Things
 Less 1
 Minus 2
 Jews Harp
 Have 1
 National Anthem
 Toiletry Bag
 Net 1
 Net 2
 Carefully 2
 North 2
 When 1
 Pretty One
 Nut 1
 Independent 1
 Lens 2
 Cost God Knows How
 Octane Value
 Cheese 1
 Party Apparatus
 Party Pleading
 Retirement Letter
 Senior Ticket
 Perfect One
 Employee Turnover
 Piano 2
 Perk To
 Plan 2
 Plan 2
 Seat Reservation
 Blob 1
 Plus 2
 Port Wine
 Positive 1
 Zip Code
 Posto Grams
 Mail Order Companies
 Press Office
 Price 2
 Little Boys
 At 2
 Rap 1
 Furious 1
 Furious 2
 To Settle Down
 Pure In Heart
 Area Code
 Rose 1
 Law 2
 Salt 2
 Market Hall
 Service Home
 Single Vehicle Accident
 Sit Up
 Screw Up
 Health Authority
 Free Pass
 End In Itself
 Skogsmulle School
 School Yearbook
 Scab 2
 Skimmed Milk
 Squat 2
 Cut 3
 Settles Down
 Small Business
 Greaseproof Paper
 Penises Of
 Snot 2
 Snot 2
 Social Directory
 Trowel 1
 Prank 2
 Track 1
 Clamping One
 Range 2
 Starting Aid
 Secretary Of State
 Step 2
 Stereotype 1
 Rise Of
 Punishment 2
 Chute 1
 Control 2
 Line Up
 Line Up
 Disturbs 2
 Cool One
 Cool 1
 Black Pepper
 Betrayal 2
 Swedish Motor Vehicle Inspection
 Swedish Employers Confederation
 Sweat 1
 1 Synonym
 2 Synonym
 Sister Ship
 1 As Far As
 Company Trip
 Sends 2
 Special Treatment
 South 2
 Awkward One
 Talking Newspaper
 Voice Mail
 Telephoto Lens
 Test 1
 Time Study
 To Judge
 To Stand
 Looking In
 Twenty Dime
 False Start
 Toilet Paper
 Soap Phage
 Quilted Jacket
 Carving Knife
 Turns 1
 Light 2
 Think Over
 State Of Emergency
 For 1
 Falls Below
 Dissolving 1
 Up 1
 From 1
 Performs Two
 Triggering 1
 Exposed 3
 Casting Vote
 Pronounce Themselves
 What 4
 Choice 2
 Election Office
 Election Promises
 Election Campaign
 Every 3
 Every Other
 Reed 1
 Reed 2
 Water Closet
 Wind 2
 Set Square
 Vis 1
 White Pepper
 1 Volts
 Health Center
 Custody Investigation
 Welcome 1
 The Left
 Host 1
 Stable Value
 Registered Mail
 Worse 1
 Worse 2
 Vest 1
 Gear Shift
 Danish Pastry
 Outer 1
 External 2
 Ax Handle
 Cooling Off Period
 At Least
 Subject Teachers
 Than 2
 Over 2
 Supreme Commander
 Over Shelters
 Transition Ticket
 Run Over
 Excess Tax
 Fills In
 Click 2
 Fire Prevention
 Rural Carriers
 Stamp Duty
 Settles In

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