vad betyder As

Vad betyder As

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Det engelska ordet As betyder

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 A 2
 à La Carte
 Act 2
 Left Behind
 2 Alone
 Legal Aid
 Increasing ( A)
 Option 1
 Is Concerned
 Resale Value
 Extension Case
 Adapting Group
 Occupational Safety And Health
 Trial Work
 As 1
 AS 2
 Ash Wednesday
 To :
 Attaché Case
 Au Pair
 Of 1
 Installment Contracts
 Hire Purchase
 Asked 1
 Asked 2
 Asked 2
 Rear 3
 Only 1
 Child Inside
 Orphans Pension
 Child Allowance
 Needles 2
 Base 1
 Base 1
 Base 2
 Base 2
 Base 2
 Boss 2
 Base Amount
 Double Bass
 Needs Assessment
 Roller Coaster
 Rock Solid
 Pasture 2
 Butler 2
 Asked 1
 Asked 2
 Asked 2
 Asked 2
 Asked 2
 Vehicle Registration
 Bit 1
 Mixed Economy
 Black Pudding
 Close Your Eyes
 2 Wet
 Boarding Pass
 Division Of Property
 Table Tennis
 Remove 2
 Housing Adaptation Allowances
 Camp Fire
 Braces On
 Brewing Ground
 Breaking Out
 Byte 1
 Exchange Policy
 Trunk 2
 Check In
 Day Center
 Daily Fine
 Dust 1
 Data 2
 Data Inspection
 Machine Data
 Defective 2
 Defensive 2
 Fog Lights
 Depth 1
 Depth 2
 Associate Professor
 Case 1
 Case 2
 Case 3
 Double Standards
 Good Enough
 After 3
 Last Name
 To Taste
 Economy Assistant
 Student Council
 Establishes Itself
 Raison Dêtre
 Express 1
 Faux Pas
 Speeding Offenses
 Firm 1
 Firm 1
 Fixed 2
 Solid 1
 Solid 2
 Land Court
 Real Estate
 Fault 2
 Five-day Forecast
 Shrove Tuesday
 File 3
 Last Year
 Maiden Name
 Classy 1
 Classy 2
 Moving Van
 Joint 2
 He Suggests
 Garden Shed
 From 2
 Aliens Passport
 Receive 2
 Field Assistant
 Preparatory Class
 Past 1
 Past 2
 Passes The
 Are Tapered
 First Page
 Insurance Statements
 Insurance ( A )
 Medical Officer
 An Acquisition
 Gas 1
 Gas 1
 Gas 2
 Gas Hugs
 General Assembly
 Master Plan
 Gives Back
 Hornets Nest
 Ice Cream
 Pleasantly 1
 Pleasantly 2
 Funeral Feast
 Group Insurance
 House Sparrow
 Grass Widow
 Is 2
 Is 2
 Go To
 Visiting Student
 Makes Itself
 Hand Brake
 People With Disabilities
 Dealing With
 Maternity Allowance
 At Home
 Home Help
 Home Language
 Assisted Living
 Hot Air
 History 1
 Dog Tax
 Household Assistant
 Household Machines
 Wife Additions
 Master Agreement
 Main Features
 Tenant Association
 Pour Point
 Health Cards
 High 1
 Last Fall
 In 1
 In 2
 Last Year
 Occasionally 1
 Built In
 Before 1
 Arrange Themselves
 I 2
 Earth 1
 Earth 2
 Christmas Eve
 Christmas Day
 Christmas Tree
 Christmas Service
 Christmas Ham
 Devils 1
 Cabinet Secretary
 Cold Shower
 Cold Sweat
 Waiting Period
 Cash Discount
 Tape Deck
 Radio Cassette
 Cottage Cheese
 Mess 2
 Clap Together
 Class Teacher
 Class Teacher
 Class Mother
 Class Dad
 Clamping 1
 Number 2
 Number 2
 Knots 2
 Make Lace
 Toffee 1
 Koloxi D
 Come Over
 Pastry Chef
 Confirmation Classes
 Consumer Goods
 Cash Labor
 Cash Contribution
 Control Area
 Cooperative Association
 Card 2
 Wet Snow
 Credit Purchase
 Grade Tag
 Cabbage 2
 Purchase Agreement
 Purchase Contract
 Purchasing Power
 Change System
 Team 2
 Stock 1
 Stock 1
 Title Deed
 State 1
 Patch Disease
 Point 3
 As 1
 Small 1
 Life Insurance
 Sound Broadcasting
 Light 2
 Light Years
 Lot 2
 Lot 2
 Air Mattress
 Castles In The Air
 Handset 2
 Unexpected Success
 Low 1
 Hire Purchase
 Medical Taxa
 Drug Cards
 At 1
 At 2
 Labor Boards
 Teach One
 Teaches Two
 Easy One
 Easy One
 Easy One
 Easy One
 Easy 2
 M 1
 Living Memory
 Winds Its
 Mask 1
 Mask 2
 Mask 2
 Massive 1
 Massive 1
 Massive 2
 Mass Medium
 Feeder Bus
 With 1
 Middle Class
 But Two
 More 2
 Most 1
 Most 2
 Military Service
 Milk Shake
 My 3
 At Least 1
 At Least 2
 At Least 2
 Pacifier 1
 Natural Disaster
 Neon Lights
 Nota Bene
 Coup De Grace
 Needles Eye
 When 1
 Close To 1
 Nearest 2
 Public Defender
 Open Government
 Public Counsel
 Miserable Ones
 Word Order
 Security Guard
 Oövervinn ( E ) LIG
 Travel Package
 Stool 1
 Collect Money
 Papier Maché
 Workout 1
 Session 2
 Pastel Color
 Retirement Letter
 Article As
 Perk To
 Plastic Surgery
 Plåstrar On
 Poste Restante
 Cash On Delivery
 Posto Grams
 Mail Ballot
 Points 1
 Like 2
 Preliminary Tax
 Premium Bond
 Press Release
 Price 2
 Sample 1
 Sample 1
 Easter Hag
 Duvet Covers
 Radar Control
 Razor Blades
 Full Length
 Race 1
 Furious 1
 Furious 1
 Furious 2
 Racial Prejudice
 Rasp 1
 Rasp 2
 Rest Here
 Rest Here
 Capital Gain
 Royal Ship
 Rule 1
 Registration Inspection
 License Plate
 Referral Debate
 Travel Documents
 Reasonable Man
 Left Over
 Revolutionary 2
 Wall Bars
 National Association
 National Association For Sexual Information
 Ring Finger
 Roast Beef
 Mashed Turnips
 Room 2
 Called Out
 Inform 1
 Right 2
 Court Cases
 Assistance Charge
 Assistance Board
 Smoke 2
 Related 2
 Shivered 1
 Dog Days
 Matter Of Fact
 Coalition Government
 German Shepherd
 Senior 1
 Theme Song
 Single 1
 Sit Up
 Reporting Sick
 Sick Pay
 Free Pass
 Medical Interpreter
 Tough Job
 Self Cases
 Maritime Section Of Insurance
 Head To Tail
 Sullied The Reputation
 Taxable Income
 Tax Table
 Droves The
 Fun 2
 School Health
 School Meal
 Exceeded 1
 Waste 1
 Waste 2
 Foam 2
 Floor Cloth
 Sheltered Employment
 Protection Act
 Sideboard 2
 Cut Themselves
 Displays Of
 Close Up
 An Impact
 Taste Of
 Taste Bud
 Matter Of Taste
 Batter 2
 Dirt Throws
 Pops Up
 Melting Pot
 Greaseproof Paper
 Social Contribution
 Social Assistant
 Social Assistance
 As One
 As 2
 Lever 2
 Spread- 1
 Spread- 2
 Range 2
 State Agency
 Stage 1
 Shoreline Areas
 2 Battle
 Student Score
 Stand 2
 Bars 2
 Steeping 2
 The Melting Pot
 Eraser 1
 Eraser 1
 Eraser 2
 Healthy 2
 Betrayal 1
 Brother In Law
 Sister In Law
 As 1
 As 1
 As 1
 Weeds Out
 1 As Far As
 2 As Far As
 Seat Belt
 Safety Pin
 Turn On
 Barbed Wire
 Roof Rack
 Rate 1
 Line 2
 Talking Newspaper
 Dental Assistant
 Focuses On
 Paw Soil
 Assessment Committee
 Voice Mail
 Test 1
 Tiger 1
 To Pass
 To Please
 To Measure
 Correcting Adds
 First Name
 To Increase
 To Wish
 False Start
 Servant 1
 Servant 2
 Empty Bottles
 Second Mortgage
 Top Loading
 Dryer Hood
 Drying Cabinet
 Transfer Passengers
 Rag Rug
 Jack Up
 Foot Rule
 Take Turns
 Two Shifts
 Washing Machine
 Tear Gas
 Light 2
 Light 2
 Excluding From ATP
 Submit To
 Waited On
 From 1
 But To
 International Expeditions
 Foreign Care
 Casting Vote
 What 4
 Roll 2
 Was 2
 Was 2
 Was 3
 Was 4
 Was The
 Be 2
 Warm Front
 Hazard Warning
 Warning Triangle
 Every 4
 Every Other
 Reed 1
 Reed 2
 Further 1
 Thus 2
 Whipping Cream
 Reject Among
 Pouring The
 Adult Education
 Nursing Assistant
 Alarm Clock
 Welcome 2
 The Left
 Host 1
 Stable Value
 Registered Mail
 West Coast
 Gear Shift
 Danish Pastry
 Zoom Lens
 On The 2
 Are 2
 Are 2
 Go There
 Go On
 Unknown Dashes
 Year Round
 Annual Meeting
 Dead-end Street
 At Least
 Glance Through
 Open Purchase
 Eastern Bloc
 Over 2
 Pedestrian Crossing
 Upper Class
 Run Over
 Top Increased
 Over Lasts
 Spe 2
 Use Value
 Acquisition Source
 Stamp Duty

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